Can I change my bid in Google AdWords?

Yes, you can always change your bid in Google AdWords. You can change your bid in Google AdWords by changing the default bids within each ad group or by changing the maximum cost per click (max CPC) for each keyword.

One of the many advantages of Google AdWords over traditional advertising is that you can change what you’re spending on advertising instantaneously. Since Google relies on a bidding system to determine which ads get placed and for how much, you need to be able to raise and lower bids at will. And Google AdWords gives you that control.

To change a bid in Google AdWords, you have a couple of options. If you want to change the max CPC for all keywords in an ad group, simply go to the ad group section of the Google AdWords campaign manager and set the default bids to whatever you want. If you would like to change a bid for specific keywords, go to the keyword section of the Google AdWords campaign manager and change the max CPC bid for each keyword.

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