Can I choose my budget for a Google AdWords campaign?

Yes, you can choose your budget for a Google AdWords campaign. Google makes it easy for you to set your own budget whenever you start a new Google AdWords campaign. You can also change your budget at any time.

One of the advantages of Google AdWords over traditional media advertising is your ability to set your own budget, which can be as little as a few dollars a day or less. Whenever you click to add a new campaign in Google AdWords, you are asked to set your daily budget. This budget is for all the ad groups in that campaign combined. And you can change your daily budget in Google AdWords anytime you want.

If you create additional campaigns in Google AdWords, you will also set daily budgets for each of those campaigns. The secret in setting a budget is to examine your own resources and your own business objectives and calculate what budget works best for you. Normally, when starting out, you should start with a small campaign budget until you discover which ads and keywords are working best for you.

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