How can I improve my ads in Google AdWords?

You can improve your ads in Google AdWords by identifying which ads are performing better than others and testing variations of the better performing ads. If none of your ads is performing well, you’ll need to revisit the tips for creating solid Google ads.

If you took professional advice when you launched your Google AdWords campaign, you created multiple ads for each ad group. Multiple ads allow you to test copy and see which ads attract the most clicks to your site.

So if you’re looking to improve the quality of all your ads, start with your best performing ad and create variations. Perhaps just change the modifier in your headline, such as “Wonderful,” “Breakthrough,” and Guaranteed.” Next, consider varying something in your description line, such as a promotion like “Free,” “25% off,” or “Sale ending soon.” You can also alter the call to action, but if the ad is performing well, you may want to maintain the same call to action when you create new variations.

If none of your ads is performing well, you probably need to go back to the basics of good ad copy. Some good tips for creating ads in Google AdWords include: 1) a headline that captures attention and includes the keywords, 2) description lines that accurately describe and emotionally amplify your product features and benefits, 3) a straightforward and assertive call to action, and 4) a landing page URL that is relevant to the product or service in the ad.

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