How can I improve my campaign in Google AdWords?

You can improve your campaign in Google AdWords by choosing better keywords, writing better ad copy, and creating a better website landing page, or destination URL.

The name of the game in Google AdWords is creating ads that are relevant and compelling. Google AdWords advertising is unique in that it doesn’t rely so much on demographics as it does on keyword targeting. For the most part, you’re not real concerned about the sex, age, gender or race of your audience. Your main interest is whether they’re searching for your products or services at any given moment and getting them to realize that you’re relevant to what they’re searching.

So, to improve your campaign in Google AdWords, you need to first get into the mind of someone searching for your products or services. Discover all the popular keywords combinations people use when conducting their searches. Use the Google keyword tool to find dozens of keyword variations and see which keywords are searched the most. Choose the most popular and relevant keywords around which to build your campaign.

Secondly, you need to be able to write winning ad copy. If you’re looking to improve the quality of your ads, start with your best performing ad and create variations. Perhaps just change the modifier in your headline, such as “Wonderful,” “Breakthrough,” and Guaranteed.” Next, consider varying something in your description line, such as a promotion like “Free,” “25% off,” or “Sale ending soon.” Experiment with strong calls to action that implore the user to “Buy Now,” “Sign Up,” or “Purchase Here.”

Thirdly, to improve your campaign in Google AdWords, you may need to improve your website. Make sure your website landing page, or destination URL, adheres to search engine optimization (SEO) and contains all the relevant keywords from your Google AdWords campaign. Plus, ensure that you’re choosing the most relevant landing page for the product or service advertised in your ads. Anyone clicking on your ad should arrive at the specific product or service page they read about in your ad.

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