How can I see my ads in Google AdWords?

The best way to see your ads in Google AdWords is by using the Ad Preview Tool. The Ad Preview Tool allows you to see precisely how your ad looks on Google. You can also see the ad copy for all your ads in the “Ads” tab of the Google AdWords campaign manager.

If you want to see what your ads look like in Google, you can always search Google for the keywords you chose to trigger your ads. Yet this can pose a couple of problems. First of all, your ads will not win every bid and therefore will not always appear when you search your keywords. Secondly, by searching your own keywords and triggering your own ads, you are increasing the number of impressions your ads are receiving. Keep in mind, the more ad impressions you receive without clicks, the lower your click-through rate becomes and the greater you harm your ad ranking.

To avoid harming your ad ranking, you can always see your ads by using the Ad Preview Tool, which allows you to see your ads exactly as they would look on Google. But if you really just want to review the basic look, layout and copy of your ads, simply click on the “Ad” tab in the Google AdWords campaign manager and you’ll see all your ads in their entirety.

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