How do I write a good headline for Google AdWords?

You write a good headline for Google AdWords by capturing attention with emotionally-amplifying modifiers and emphasizing the keywords used to trigger the ads. Since Google AdWords relies on keyword relevance, the typical rules of writing ad copy headlines don’t always apply.

With most traditional print ads, you can write headlines that target your demographic in all kinds of creative ways. With Google ads, however, you are much more restricted because of the nature of search engine advertising.

Google AdWords is not a demographically-centered model of advertising. Rather, Google AdWords uses keyword targeting. Therefore, your headlines really need to be centered on keywords rather than other demographic factors. To make sense of this, keep in mind that when someone does a search for specific keywords, the most important thing to them at that moment is to locate web pages relevant to those specific keywords.

With this in mind, your headline in Google AdWords should first and foremost contain the keywords being searched. If you’re selling consulting services for Google AdWords and all your keywords contain “AdWords,” you’ll definitely want to include “AdWords” in your headline along with emotionally amplifying modifiers. “Superior AdWords Experts,” “Experienced AdWords Pros,” and “AdWords Secrets Exposed” are good examples.

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