How long can my ad be in Google AdWords?

Your ad in Google AdWords is four lines long, consisting of a heading, two descriptions lines, and a display URL. Your heading is limited to 25 characters (including spaces) and your descriptions lines and display URL are limited to 35 characters each.

Most forms of advertising have their limitations, either by space or time. Great creators of ads use those limitations to their advantage by creating concise, compelling, and alluring advertisements within the boundaries of the ad.

Google AdWords allows you to create enticing and highly-targeted ads within the boundary of four lines: one heading, two description lines and one display URL. Your 25-character headline captures attention and includes your keywords. Your 35-character description lines accurately describe and emotionally amplify your product features and benefits and call your customer to decisive action. Your 35-character display URL is simple, easy to read, and is usually your top-level domain.

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