How long will it take for my ads to run in Google AdWords?

It can take anywhere from a few minutes to several hours or more for your ads to start running in Google AdWords. Google reviews all ads before approving them, and while your ads are in queue to be reviewed, your ad status will show as pending review.

Google needs to review all ads to ensure that advertisers are honoring their terms of service and following best practices of ad copywriting laid out by Google. Keep in mind, Google does not have the time to examine the finer points of your ads; they merely check to make sure you’ve followed the basic rules.

The Google AdWords review process usually just takes a few minutes, and normally, your ads will be approved by Google. Sometimes it does take longer, depending on the number of ads submitted to the system and whether your ad poses unique complications that need to be passed up the chain of command. If Google needs to take additional time to inspect your ad, your status will likely read “Under Review.” Otherwise, your ad status will show as “Pending Review” until your ad is either approved or disapproved.

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