How many ad groups do I need for a Google AdWords campaign?

The number of ad groups you need for a Google AdWords campaign depends on the number of products, brands and services you are advertising within a given Google AdWords campaign. Usually, you’ll want to create a different ad group for each product, service and brand within each Google AdWords campaign.

Regardless of whether you’re selling a single product or multiple products, you’ll usually want to separate your Google ads into different ad groups. Ad groups allow you to assign certain keywords to specific groups of ads.

Imagine you’ve created a single ad campaign for two products: a book about Google AdWords and a book about Google AdSense. You can divide your Google AdWords campaign into two ad groups, which you can call “AdWords Book” and “AdSense Book”. In each ad group, you include keywords that are specific to each book. Naturally, you wouldn’t want the keywords “AdSense book” to trigger an ad for your AdWords book, and vice versa. That is why you separate your products into ad groups and assign distinct keywords for each.

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