How many ads should I have for each ad group in Google AdWords?

There is no fixed number of ads you should have for each ad group in Google AdWords. You should create enough ads to test a variety of ad copy, spotlight each of the major features of your product or service, and experiment with different promotions.

There are thousands of possible scripts for each of your ads. So Google AdWords gives you the flexibility to create as many ads as you like in each ad group. How many ads you create for each ad group is up to you, although you should always create at least three ads for each ad group in order to experiment with copy, and possibly more.

With multiple ads you can test different modifiers, such as “Astonishing,” “Exciting,” or “Revolutionary.” You can test different promotions, such as “Free,” “Limited Offer,” or “No Money Down.” You can highlight different benefits, such as “Time Saving,” “Easy to Use,” or “Money Making.” And you can experiment with different calls to action, such as “Buy Now,” “Sign up,” or “Get a Quote.”

The possibilities are almost endless. However, you don’t need to create dozens of ads for each ad group to run a successful ad campaign. You just need to be able to write solid ad copy or be prepared to hire someone who can.

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