How should I organize my ad groups in Google AdWords?

You should organize your ad groups in Google AdWords by each product, brand or service you offer. You’ll assign specific keywords that are appropriate for each product, brand, or service so that relevant keywords trigger relevant ads.

Organizing ad groups is an essential part of being successful with Google AdWords. Ad groups allow you to assign certain keywords to specific groups of ads. For example, imagine you’ve created a single ad campaign for two products: a CD about Google AdSense and a CD about Google AdWords. You can divide your Google AdWords campaign into two ad groups, which you can call “AdSense CD” and “AdWords CD”. In each ad group, you include keywords that are specific to each CD. Naturally, you wouldn’t want the keywords “AdSense CD” to trigger an ad for your AdWords CD, and vice versa. That is why you separate your products into ad groups and assign distinct keywords for each.

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