Is Google AdWords right for my company?

Google AdWords may or may not be right for your company, depending on the products and services you offer and how you normally sell your products and services. Generally, Google AdWords is right for your company if 1) your product or service is a popular enough search item, 2) the customers who see your Google AdWords ads are able to purchase from you, and 3) if the amount you earn from selling your products or services exceeds the amount you can expect to pay for Google AdWords advertising.

This answer might seem rather obvious, but you’d be surprised how many people waste money with Google AdWords because they haven’t considered whether Google AdWords makes sense for them in the first place. The first thing to think about when considering using Google AdWords is whether your product or service is a specific and popular search item on the Google search engine. Remember, your Google ads are actually shown as results to specific searches. So no one is going to be interested in your products or services unless they are relevant to their search. For example, a Google AdWords consulting service would be relevant to the millions of monthly searches for Google AdWords, while a book of fiction would very rarely be relevant to any specific Google searches.

The second thing to think about when considering using Google AdWords is whether people who see your Google ads can even buy from you in the first place. If you operate a corner store, for example, will people who see your Google ad be able to travel to your store to make a purchase? For the most part, no, even if you target your Google ads to a particular city. On the other hand, an online store that sells Google AdWords tutorials would be accessible to anyone on the internet.

The third thing to think about when considering using Google AdWords is whether your products or services earn enough money to cover your Google AdWords advertising expense. Keep in mind, if you’re using the Google AdWords cost per click model, you’re paying for each and every click of your ad. However, you might only be converting one percent or less of those clicks into sales. In other words, you might have to pay for a hundred or more clicks just to make a single sale. What this means is, if your cost per clicks are high and your earnings per sale are low, Google AdWords may not be right for you. This is why Google AdWords is not the best advertising strategy for small ticket items like books and trinkets, yet Google AdWords can be an effective advertising strategy for higher priced products and services or for websites that have higher conversions.

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