Should I advertise on the content network in Google AdWords?

You should advertise on the content network in Google AdWords – now called the Google display network – if your specific product or service matches the content of enough websites in the Google display network. Since ads on Google partner sites are not as well targeted as search engine ads, you may want to experiment with showing ads on Google display network websites with a smaller budget to see if you have any success.

The Google display network in Google AdWords, formerly the Google content network, consist of all the websites that feature Google ads, not including the Google search engine and other search partners. If you agree to run your ad on display network websites in Google AdWords, your ad will appear on websites that feature content related to your ad.

Yet the challenge when advertising on Google display network websites is that Google ads on display network web pages tend to be less relevant and more widely ignored. You might have noticed this yourself when encountering Google ads on websites. Often the ads have nothing to do with the content on the web page. For this reason, ads on Google display network sites tend to have lower click-through rates than ads in the Google search engine.

So if you’re considering advertising on the Google display network, you should strongly consider starting with a lower budget and experimenting to see if you are getting relevant placements and achieving a sufficient click-through rate. You can also choose to manage your own placements on the Google display network, which means you can choose which websites your ads will appear. You can additionally choose a combination of keywords and managed placements to ensure your ads will appear on the websites you want and the specific web pages that are relevant to your keywords.

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