Should I include keywords in my ads in Google AdWords?

Yes, you should include keywords in your ads in Google AdWords. Showing keywords in your Google ads serves two primary purposes: it makes your Google ad appear more relevant to someone searching those keywords, and it can improve your keyword quality score, which in turn gets your ads placed more often and for less expense.

When you create ads in Google AdWords, you will choose which keywords you want to associate with each ad. These keywords are always relevant to the product or service featured in your ad and on your website landing page. For this reason, you should always include your keywords in your Google ads, usually in the headline.

Including keywords in your Google ad headline first and foremost makes your ad relevant to someone searching your keywords. If someone is searching for “help with AdWords,” naturally a headline that reads “Need AdWords Help?” is going to catch their attention much more than a headline that doesn’t contain any of the keywords they searched.

Secondly, including keywords in your Google ads can earn your keywords a higher quality score. Your keyword quality score is based upon how relevant your keywords are to your ads and your website landing page. The better your keyword quality score, the better your ads will be positioned and the less you will pay. Naturally, highlighting your keywords in your ads can only help your keyword quality score.

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