Should I use different keywords for each of my ad groups in Google AdWords?

You should definitely use different keywords for each of your ad groups in Google AdWords. Yet keep in mind that some keywords will be repeated for multiple ad groups.

You’ve created a Google AdWords campaign and separated all your products, brands or services into different ad groups. Now you’re wondering if you need to use different keywords for each of your ad groups. In fact, keyword differentiation is one of the key reasons you create different ad groups.

When someone uses Google to search for your products or services, they’re going to use specific keywords to find those specific products and services. If they’re searching for one product or service, they don’t want to see an ad for a different product or service. And the only way you can make sure your Google ad is relevant is to assign distinct and relevant keywords for each product, which you are able to do by creating separate ad groups. Keep in mind that some keywords are general enough to be used in multiple ad groups, but the more general a keyword is, the less useful it tends to be for Google AdWords.

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