Should my keywords appear on my website for Google AdWords?

Yes, your keywords should appear on your website for Google AdWords. Any keywords that are relevant to the products and services featured in your ads will by definition be relevant to your website landing page, or destination URL. Plus, your keyword quality score is based upon your keyword’s relevance to your ad and your website landing page, so keywords on your website help your keyword quality score.

The keywords you choose in your ad campaigns in Google AdWords should be related to the product or service in your ad. And those same keywords would be relevant to the web page where you feature your product or service. So naturally, the keywords you choose should appear on your website.

In addition, one of the major factors in determining when your ads run is your keyword quality score. Your keyword quality score is based upon how relevant your keywords are to your ads and your website landing page – the page where someone goes when they click your Google ad. For this reason, your website should adhere to proper search engine optimization (SEO) that incorporates your keywords. Without the keywords appearing on your website, you’ll likely get a poor keyword quality score and your ads won’t run very often.

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