What are managed placements in Google AdWords?

Managed placements in Google AdWords are the websites you choose to run your ads in the Google display network. Managed placements allow you to run your own ads on any websites that feature Google ads.

Managed placements in Google AdWords give you greater control over where your ads run. This is important, because you may find that your ads do not perform well on a lot of sites, and you may want to manually target sites where you believe your ads will perform better.

In order to manage your own placements in Google AdWords, you simply choose the display network under “Networks” in the settings panel of the Google AdWords campaign manager. Then, under the “Networks” tab of the campaign manager, you simply click on “Add Placements” and type in as many websites as you would like to place your ads.

Google will then use a combination of your keywords and your managed placements to determine which specific web pages to place your ads. For example, if you were advertising a Google AdWords training course and wanted to advertise on this website, you could add PPCanswers.info to your managed placements and Google would run your ads on any of our web pages that are relevant to your keywords.

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