What does CPC mean in Google AdWords?

CPC in Google AdWords means “cost per click.” CPC advertising requires that you pay each and every time your Google ad is clicked by an internet user. CPC bidding is the primary system Google AdWords uses to determine which ads get shown and for how much.

Using the cost per click (CPC) model, Google AdWords charges advertisers every time their Google ads are clicked by an internet user. This is distinct from cost per impression (CPM), which charges you each time an ad is placed on a web page, and cost per conversion (CPA), which charges you each time a click leads to a conversion (a sale, sign-up, etc.).

The obvious advantage of CPC bidding is that you only pay when your ad is clicked, which is usually what you’re trying to achieve with Google AdWords. Since most advertisers don’t benefit from having their ads seen but not clicked, CPC bidding is the most popular advertising model in Google AdWords.

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