What does CPM mean in Google AdWords?

CPM in Google AdWords means cost per impressions. CPM advertising requires you to pay each and every time your ad appears on a web page (calculated per 1000 impressions), regardless of whether it actually gets clicked by the internet user.

Using the cost per impression (CPM) model, Google AdWords charges advertisers every time their Google ads appear on a web page (calculated per 1000 impressions). This is distinct from cost per click (CPC), which charges you each time an ad is clicked, and cost per conversion (CPA), which charges you each time a click leads to a conversion (a sale, sign-up, etc.).

The advantage of CPM bidding is that you can get your ad shown without the worry that Google will discontinue your ad for poor click-through performance. The obvious disadvantage is that you must pay for your ad placements regardless of whether anyone even sees or clicks your ad. For the most part, advertisers choose CPC bidding over CPM bidding, although CPM bidding is good for advertisers who simply want to get ad visibility and aren’t worry about generating immediate website traffic or conversions.

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