What is a destination URL in Google AdWords?

A destination URL in Google AdWords is the web page where you want people to land when they click on your ad. Your destination URL is distinct from your display URL, which is the web page address you see in a Google ad – usually your top-level domain.

A URL is a web page address. When you create ads in Google AdWords, you are required to input the URL where the user goes when they click your ad. This is called your destination URL. Your destination URL should be the exact web page where a user learns about the specific product or service featured in the ad and can make a purchase or some other conversion.

Your destination URL is different from your display URL. Your display URL is a simple and easy to read address, usually your top-level domain. Your display URL must use the same domain as your destination URL and neither can be misleading in any way, otherwise Google will disapprove your ad. The reason Google allows you to display a different URL from your destination URL is because destination URLs tend to be long and consume too many characters for a Google ad.

Your display URL and destination URL can be the same address. However, since your top-level domain is rarely the web page where you feature the specific products and services highlighted in your ad, your display URL should be distinct from your destination URL. The reason being, you would never want someone to click an ad for a product or service and then be forced to search around your website until they find it.

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