What is a good click-through rate for an ad in Google AdWords?

A good click-through rate (CTR) for an ad in Google AdWords is one that satisfies your advertising objectives and attracts a sufficient number of visitors to your website. Yet you’ll need to maintain a minimum click-through rate in order for Google to continue running your ad, usually around 1% or higher.

Click-through rate (CTR) is a ratio of clicks to impressions. A CTR of 1% means that you receive one click for every 100 impressions of your ad. CTR is a measure of how successful your ads are at convincing internet users to click your ad. There are two ways at looking at what a good CTR is: one is from your own perspective and the other is from Google’s perspective.

From your perspective, a good CTR depends entirely on your advertising objectives. As long as you are getting the clicks and conversions you want from your Google ads, you may be satisfied with whatever CTR you’re achieving.

But using the popular pay per click model, Google only makes money when people click your ad. Plus, Google assumes that higher-clicked ads are more relevant to users, and ad relevance is critically important to Google. So what Google considers a good CTR may be different than your standards. Google doesn’t specify what a good CTR is, because it depends entirely on your competitors’ CTR at any given moment. But generally, if your CTR falls below 1%, you run the risk of Google discontinuing your ads or rarely running them.

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