What is Google AdWords?

Google AdWords is an internet advertising platform provided by Google. Google AdWords are short advertisements for products and services that are featured in the Google search engine, Google partner search engines, and websites that implement Google AdSense.

Whenever you do a search in the Google search engine, you’ll notice advertisements that come up on the top and right side of each search result page. You may wonder where those ads come from. Each of those ads is constructed by an advertiser using Google AdWords, Google’s advertising platform.

When a business or website wants to advertise on Google, they simply sign up for a Google AdWords account. The signup fee is usually around $5, and many sites offer coupons for free advertising. Once a user signs up for Google AdWords, they create advertising campaigns using Google’s easy-to-use interface. Each ad consists of a headline, two description lines, and a URL, or webpage address. Google AdWords users separate their ads into different ad groups in order to distinguish ads for different products, brands, types of service, demographic, etc.

The user assigns a list of keywords they want to associate with each ad. That way, whenever someone types one of those keywords into the Google search engine, the user’s ad will potentially appear. When the user’s ad does appear, any Google visitor who sees the ad can click on the ad and go to the user’s website. In this way, Google AdWords gives users a way to generate higher website traffic and potentially make more money selling their products and services.

In addition to the Google search engine, users can use Google AdWords to advertise on partner search engines and websites that implement Google AdSense, so you’ll likely see Google AdWords in a lot of places on the internet.

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