What is the keyword tool in Google AdWords?

The keyword tool in Google AdWords gives you dozens of variations on searched keywords and shows you what the average search volume for each keyword is. The Google keyword tool is useful when compiling a list of keywords to use in your ad campaigns.

Keywords are at the heart of your ad campaigns in Google AdWords. In order to achieve a successful Google AdWords campaign, you need to include all keywords that are commonly searched and relevant to your product or service. To do so, you need to get into the minds of people searching on Google and figure out all the popular ways they might be searching for your product or service.

The Google keyword tool helps you through this process by generating a list of keyword variations and showing you how often each keyword is searched. You’ll want to choose as many keywords as are relevant to your product or service and are commonly searched. Remember to consider all kinds of variations on your keywords, such as slang, idioms, colloquialisms, singular and plural versions, and rearranged grammar.

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