What is location targeting in Google AdWords?

Location targeting in Google AdWords allows you to choose the location of your audience, broken down by country, region, city, and other defined areas. Location targeting ensures that your Google ads are seen only by the people in locations where you wish to advertise.

When you create a campaign in Google AdWords, you’ll choose which locations you wish to target. You have the option of choosing a country, region, city, and other defined areas. Which locations you choose depends entirely on what you’re advertising, who your audience is, and what your advertising objectives are.

For example, if you sell products online but don’t want to deal with international shipping, you might just choose your own country in location targeting. If you own a store in a particular city, you may just want to choose your own city in location targeting.

You’ll set your preferred location targeting in the Google AdWords settings, and Google AdWords will then determine to whom your ad will be shown based on the user’s computer IP address, which indicates the user’s precise location.

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