Why are my impressions so low in Google AdWords?

Your impressions are low in Google AdWords for any number of reasons: your keywords are not searched very often, you have a low keyword quality score, or your bid is too low.

There are several factors that determine whether your ads get placement in Google AdWords. First, the keywords you choose must be searched by Google users. If your keywords are not searched very often, then naturally your ads won’t trigger very often. So make sure you choose high volume keywords. You can use the Google keyword tool to check the average monthly search volume for all keywords.

Secondly, to get impressions for your ads, you need to maintain a high keyword quality score. Examine the keywords for your ads which have low impressions. If your keyword quality score is low (6 or lower), Google isn’t likely to run your ads very often. You’ll need to go back and choose keywords that are more relevant to your ads and your website landing page.

Thirdly, you’ll need to set your maximum cost per click (max CPC) bid high enough to beat your competition for ad placements. If your bid is not high enough, you won’t get impressions for your Google ads. To check, examine your keywords in the Google AdWords campaign manager. Google will tell you if your bids are below the first page bid estimate, meaning your bids are too low to get impressions.

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