Why aren’t my keywords getting any impressions in Google AdWords?

Your keywords aren’t getting any impressions in Google AdWords because your keywords are not relevant enough or your bid is too low.

When you look at your ad campaigns in the Google AdWords campaign manager, under the keywords tab you will see impression and click statistics for your keywords. Keep in mind that your keywords themselves are not actually getting impressions or clicks. This simply refers to the impressions and clicks of all ads associated with your keywords. So when someone searches your keywords and your ads are triggered, Google calculates impressions and clicks by keyword.

If your keywords are not triggering any ads and therefore not getting any impressions, this likely means that your keyword quality score is low or your bid is too low for your keywords to trigger ads. You can improve your quality score by choosing keywords that are more relevant to your ads, adding keywords to your ads, and using search engine optimization to incorporate keywords into your website landing page. If your bid is too low, simply raise your bid to something that is more competitive.

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