Why did Google reject my ad in Google AdWords?

Google rejected your ad in Google AdWords for any number of reasons: your ad copy is objectionable, your display URL is misleading or uses the wrong format, or your website landing page is unacceptable.

When you create a new ad in Google AdWords, it will take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours or more for Google to review your ad. If you follow Google’s rules for creating ads, you should have no problem getting your ad approved within a few minutes. However, sometimes your ad can be rejected by Google for any number of reasons.

If your ad is rejected by Google, your ad copy may be problematic. This could include anything from misspellings, profanity, vague wording or misleading statements. Also, your display URL may have been rejected because it doesn’t follow the correct format or it displays the wrong domain. In addition, your website landing page may have been rejected for a number of factors, including poor navigation, malicious code, spam content, improper page forwarding, or irrelevant content.

Make sure you follow all of Google’s rules for proper ad structure and ad content to make sure your ads receive quick approval from Google.

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