Why do I need negative keywords in Google AdWords?

You need negative keywords in Google AdWords to avoid displaying your ads to the wrong audience. Negative keywords help you avoid wasted impressions and clicks that end up costing you money with little chance of conversion.

When you create an ad campaign in Google AdWords, you input all the keywords you’d like to trigger your ads. Thus, when someone types in your keywords into Google, your ads will trigger. But sometimes your keywords are commonly searched with other keywords which indicate the searcher isn’t interested in your product, so you want to prevent your ads from triggering when such keywords are searched. These are called negative keywords.

You can add negative keywords in the keyword section of the Google AdWords campaign manager. When you do anytime a search is made that include your keywords, when a negative keyword is also included, your ads will not trigger.

Here’s a good example. Let’s say you are a Google AdWords expert and you want to advertise an AdWords training seminar. Imagine one of your keyword choices is “AdWords training.” If you’re planning to charge for your seminar, you might also add a negative keyword for “Free.” When someone searches for “AdWords training,” your Google ad will trigger. However, when someone searches for “Free AdWords training,” your Google ad will not trigger. This is important, because if someone is looking for free AdWords training, your service probably isn’t to interest them, and you’ll end up wasting an impression and perhaps a click, which you want to avoid.

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